Plant curtains for everybody!

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Jan explaining the idea and concept behind ‘Bioblinds’
Sketch of the basic opening mechanism

Our Vision: Green skylines everywhere!

Together with you and your friends, we want to disruptively change skylines, like a puzzle, into green skylines. For that we provide a first impulse with the ‘Bioblinds 1st Edition IVY‘ and the Bioblinds homepage, as a construction manual hub. You can download the first edition focusing on ivy under ‘DIY-editions’ in the top right corner of this website!

Everybody is invited to join our initiative, collaborate, contribute and participate in the research. Our utopian dream is an online configurator that collects all necessary data and provides it as individual construction plans and shopping lists, free of charge for every climate zone and in respect to diverse and local plants. We not only want to improve CO2 compensation, increase urban greenery and vegetate glass facades, but also allow for individual food production and foster biodiversity in urban environments.

The idea originally is meant for social housings but can also be applied to every kind of architecture, inspiring new kinds of green, interactive buildings and city plannings. Just imagine the possibilities of individually harvested vertical fields for every kind of housing on this planet in a way that it actually can be handmade. For us this expresses ‘democratic freedom’ in a tangible way. That is why we have chosen 2020, the 30-year anniversary of the German Reunification, for the start of ‘Bioblinds – The Green Skyline Initiative‘.

We are especially excited about working already on our second edition. That one will be for cowsheds. Yes, you heard that correctly. Cowsheds. 🙂

Let‘s jungle the cities together!
Let‘s puzzle skylines green!

Your 'Bioblinds' Team


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The German Farming Association (DLG) named us one of 2020’s most innovative ‘Urban Farming’ concepts

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Manuel Schneider’s 800 cows will soon be at least as good as the members of the international Soho Houses in their cowsheds

Learn more about what we can learn from forests – The forest, this collection of trees, bushes, the entire flora and fauna with all their unpredictable sounds…

Interested in puzzling your part of the skyline into green – by yourself?
Start building your own Bioblinds.

Keep updated and download ‘Bioblinds 1st Edition IVY’


The team behind ‘Bioblinds – The Green Skyline Initiative’ comes out of four generations and two countries.

Tino Seubert
Production design

Carolin Schreiner
Office management

Jan Engel

Judith Jacobs
Cultural consultant

Leon Bittner
Information systems

Rüdiger Engel
Business Expert

Anne Jacobs
Communication expert

MdB Dr. Eberhard Brecht
Political ambassador